What can help me stop overeating?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
The following are 10 tips that my patients have found to be very helpful in controlling their overeating:

  • Do not skip meals. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Include snacks if going more than four to five hours without a meal.
  • All meals and snacks should include adequate protein.
  • Choose whole grains (i.e., oats, barley, quinoa, 100% whole wheat, buckwheat) instead of white flour.
  • Make sure to include fruit and/or veggies with all meals.
  • Plan ahead for the week. Go food shopping regularly and stock your home with healthy food options.
  • Start a food journal. Record meal times and all food/beverages consumed.
  • Get moving. Join a gym, try a Zumba class, roll out a yoga mat or simply walk more.
  • Go to bed earlier and get those zzz’s.
  • Stop categorizing foods into “good” or “bad.” Just focus on making better choices.
  • Don’t think of food as a reward or treat. Reward yourself with a massage, manicure, a movie with a friend, a new pair of shoes or simply a pat on the back.

For some of you, every tip in the book might not help you stop overeating a certain food. My advice: Don’t buy that food to begin with -- you can’t overeat something that is not in front of you.
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Judy Caplan
Nutrition & Dietetics
Keeping a food journal can help you stop overeating. Food journals make you more aware of what you are doing. The more aware you are the more you can stick to the commitments you make. Every time you eat ask yourself "am I full yet?" Getting in touch with your sense of fullness will help you stop overeating. You will develop an internal voice that will let you know when you are full. The trick is to be able to put down your fork when the alarm goes off in your head. Eat a high fiber diet. Fiber helps your brain know when you are full. Finally start exercising. Being active gets you in touch with your body and can lead to less frequent overeating.

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