How do I stop food cravings when I am at the movie theater?

Marisa Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

By and large, the best way to avoid food cravings at the movie theater is to eat before you get there.  If you’re heading out for a date, do dinner before the movie so you’re not tempted by the enticing popcorn aroma or big boxes of nostalgic candies. Being full on a great meal is the perfect ammunition to fight cravings for typical movie theater treats.  

Jill B. Faatz, MD
Family Medicine
A simple trick to curb sweet tooth cravings is to brush your teeth!  Sugar free gum during the movie is like to help as well.  Make sure to have a healthy meal with a glass of water before heading into the movie theater.  The smell of buttery popcorn is difficult for an empty stomach to resist!
Dr. Lydie Hazan suggests eating before going to the movies to avoid overeating and food association. Watch this video from Discovery Health.


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