Sip This for Breakfast to Curb Hunger

Sip This for Breakfast to Curb Hunger

If you often feel ravenous by noon despite a good breakfast, try drinking some of this with your morning meal: skim milk.

In a small study of overweight people, those who drank about 20 ounces of skim milk with breakfast ate less at lunch than the folks who drank fruit juice in the a.m.

An Appetite-Dousing Drink
The milk drinkers also felt fuller and more satisfied after their morning meal. Most likely thanks to the whey and casein proteins that are in milk; they're better at quelling hunger than the carbs in fruit drinks.

Other Hunger Crushers
If you don't like the taste of milk, have lactose intolerance, or don't drink milk for other reasons, don't worry. There are lots of other ways to introduce lean protein into your morning meal.

Try these other appetite-taming strategies as well:

  • Eat big in the morning. 
  • Fill up on fiber and healthy fats.
  • Diversify your workout.

Here's one thing you definitely don't want in your breakfast: high-fructose corn syrup. Find out how much people consume a year and why you don't want any.

Medically reviewed in September 2019.

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