How do doctors treat warts?

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    Since there are as many types of warts as shoes in your daughter’s closet, treatment depends on the type you have. Doctors typically treat common warts by applying strong salicylic acid preparations. Doctors can also treat warts with cryotherapy. Cryo is the Greek word for cold, so in this technique, docs use liquid nitrogen (the stuff you see fancy molecular gastronomist chefs using these days) to freeze the warts off. Docs can also burn them off with electrosurgery. Don’t worry, the treatments are not extremely painful and they only take a few minutes. Treatments are repeated every couple of weeks as needed.


    Kids are lucky. Sometimes when they get a wart, it clears up on its own. No freezing or burning necessary. And Mehmet’s kids get the suffocate-it treatment with duct tape.
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