Are there alternative treatments for periungual warts?

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    Many alternative treatments have been tried over the years for treating warts, including periungual warts. Some proponents of alternative medicine say that dietary supplements containing herbs such as green tea, cat's claw, and olive leaf help to clear up warts. However, there is little solid evidence that these herbal therapies have any specific benefit for periungual warts.

    One alternative approach that some doctors have tried for getting rid of periungual warts is to wrap the fingers in tape. Duct tape is often used, though others prefer white adhesive tape. Some physicians have claimed success rates of up to 80% with the tape method. However, in 2007, a well-designed study found that duct tape failed to eliminate warts. 
  • A solution made of oil and garlic applied topically to the periungual warts may help. Vitamin D-3 patches placed on the affected areas also might be effective in destroying the warts. Another treatment uses duct tape to cover the warts. After six days, soak hands or feet in warm water before rubbing the warts with a pumice stone. This method may take months to generate results.

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