How can I treat the delicate areas of my body with colored prana?

Master Stephen Co
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Always follow the rules for using colors on delicate areas. Certain parts of your body are delicate and can be damaged by stronger prana. These delicate areas include the head (because of the brain), the heart (because of the heart and lungs), and the spleen (because the spleen is like a pump, sending everything through the body via the blood). We also recommend that beginners treat the throat and solar plexus chakras as delicate, because of their proximity to the head and heart, respectively. Never use orange to sweep or red to energize delicate areas! Treat such areas only with milder pranas, such as white, green, blue, and violet. If you’re unsure whether the area is delicate, or you feel you don’t have sufficient control over colored prana, treat the area as if it were delicate.

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