How can I make Greek coffee?

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To reap the benefits of drinking Greek coffee, follow these steps to make your own at home.

What You’ll Need to Make 2 Cups
  • Briki (pronounced BREE-kee) pot, available online or at Greek specialty stores for about $10*.
  • 2 demitasse cups, available at department stores
  • 2 tsp Greek coffee, also available online or at a Greek specialty stores**
  • 2 cups of cold water
* If you don’t have a briki pot, use a small saucepan

** If you can’t find Greek coffee, purchase espresso, another very fine grind that also uses Arabica beans

Add 2 cups of cold water and 2 heaping teaspoons of Greek coffee to the briki pot or saucepan. (The briki pot is preferred since this traditional pot is wider at the bottom than on top, which helps create a proper amount of foam, adding to the coffee’s unique taste.) Stir 4 to 5 times to blend until the grounds are dissolved and then don’t stir again. Slowly bring to a boil. (According to one Greek superstition, the more bubbles that form as you boil your coffee, the more money will come to you.)

When you see a ring of foam around the top, it’s about ready. Take it off the heat to prevent foam from boiling over. (According to another superstition, allowing the foam to boil over may bring bad luck.) Evenly divide the foam into the 2 cups and then fill with remaining coffee. Wait to drink until the grounds have settled to the bottom. Since Greek coffee is very strong and rich, it is often served with a glass of water on the side to help cleanse the palette.

Milk is never added to Greek coffee but sweetener sometimes is. There are basically three versions of Greek coffee: Unsweetened Greek coffee is called sketos (pronounced SKEH-tohss); moderately sweet coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar is called metrios (MEHT-ree-ohs); and a more intensely sweet cup with 2 teaspoons of sugar is called glykos (glee-KOHSS). If you like your coffee sweet, add a teaspoon or 2 of sugar or another sweetener to the pot, along with the coffee grinds before bringing it all to a boil.

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