Are Your "Comfortable" Spring Shoes Causing Foot Pain?

Are Your "Comfortable" Spring Shoes Causing Foot Pain?

Spring is here, and so are chic ballet flats, flip-flops, and sky-high platform sandals. They're trendy, seemingly comfortable shoes, but are they good for your feet?

Not so much, says Dawn Olsen Figlo, a certified foot surgeon in New York City. Even though many women think flats are better than high heels to prevent foot pain, "ballet slippers are the worst shoe anyone can wear," she says. "There's no support whatsoever and the ankle can turn in too much or turn out."

Does that rule out flip-flops, too? "It's not great to be in a super-flat shoe," Dr. Figlo says. "It overstretches the plantar fascia -- the tissue that covers the bottom of the foot -- and can cause plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of that tissue." In terms of flip-flops, "the cheap ones with a flimsy strap and no support throw your body off [balance]," she says. With low-quality flip-flops your toes need to grip the shoe in order to keep it on, which can cause foot strain.

Figlo's recommendation for footwear that won't hurt your feet is anything with a heel no higher than 2 inches. "If you must wear heels, alternate them each day with a lower shoe with a little arch that provides support," Figlo says.

Trendy shoes that Figlo does like? Platform shoes. "You do lose some stability, but as far as the foot biomechanics go, they're not so bad because the front of the foot is lifted as well." Shoes on her forever thumbs-down list include pointy-toed shoes. Whether they're high-heeled or low, pointy-toed shoes cause toes to curl in, which leads to painful (and unattractive) bunions and hammertoes.

Spray your shoes daily with antifungal spray. "There's a high incidence of athlete's foot infections in the summer since you're sweating in your shoes and not wearing socks," Figlo says. "Fungus thrives in dark, moist environments." For the pedicure-obsessed, "don't fool with the cuticle," Figlo says. "It's the seal that protects the toes from fungus and bacteria. If you break that seal, you expose your feet to toenail fungus and other problems."

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