What is causing me to feel so tired?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

We all know what happens when there's an energy crisis: There's chaos. Think back to the long lines at the gas stations in the 1970s. Or a city-wide blackout. Or when just one Christmas light goes and the whole strand blows right along with it. One small problem, issue, or incident triggers a domino effect that has lasting effects.
That's really what's happening when you can't maintain your energy levels, which may eventually lead to a major short-circuiting of your energy system. These kinds of massive energy drops are ultimately an energy crisis in your body, much like having a blown fuse in your body that needs to be reset. The most common causes of lack of energy are commonly detected the old-fashioned way - and you can make the diagnosis with little help but the absence of denial: not enough sleep, too much food, too much saturated fat and sugary foods, too much stress, not enough fun and passion in life, and an infection or other chronic disease (even chronic sinusitis).
Once your resilience is gone, you're more prone to being attacked by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Even the ensuing insomnia and stress that comes as a result of those attacks can wear down your adrenal glands, creating a vicious cycle where smaller and smaller problems cause progressively larger challenges until you experience a complete health shutdown.

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