When should a child's permanent teeth come in?


As your child develops and grows, they will grow and lose teeth. A baby's teeth start to come in around six months old and by age 3; most children have a full set of primary teeth. Baby teeth will be lost to make space for their adult (permanent) teeth, which begin to come in around age 6. The first molars usually appear between 9-11 years and a person usually has all of their adult teeth by age 21.

By around age 12, your child should have all of his permanent teeth. Expect your child's baby teeth to start to fall out in early elementary school, around age 6. Baby teeth usually fall out in the same order they came in. The two bottom front teeth tend to go first, followed by the two top front teeth. The second molars all the way in the back of the mouth are generally the last teeth to go.

In order to keep his teeth for a lifetime, it's important for your child to take good care of his adult teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and limiting sugary foods.

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