Childhood Obesity

Is it child abuse to let your child become obese?

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    2 165 2-1 Is It Child Abuse to have a Fat Child

    An obese child is not at fault for his/her food choices since it is ultimately the parents who are responsible. In this video, Dr. Oz, Dr. Greene, and Dr. Hebert discuss the implications of harming one's child through food.

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    In an opinion column published on July 13, 2011 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, two Harvard-affiliated doctors made the case that morbidly obese kids should be considered endangered and removed from their homes.

    If unhealthy living is leading a child to becoming morbidly obese and endangering him/herself, it should be considered as child abuse.

  • Just my personal opinion but I do not think parents get enough responsibility for their children and their outcome.  It is the parents responsibility to be the role model for their children.  Yes as adults you are responsible for your own actions but you are shaped as a young child and that falls on the shoulders of the parent.

    Parents need to grow up, understand the influence over their children and if we truly want to change our country and world then it does not start with helping others, it starts with influencing and teaching our children appropriately.  If that is done our children have a much greater chance of living longer, being healthier and being better citizens.  Take care of your house first before you worry about stuff outside your house!

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