Is there a way I can find out if I ever had chickenpox?

Yes, if you don't remember having chickenpox you can find out through a blood test. Although you can still get the vaccine even if you have had chickenpox, you might want to make sure beforehand to save the time and money. It is estimated that more than 99 percent of people aged 40 and older have had chickenpox, even if they can't remember being sick with chickenpox.

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How long should I keep my child out of school with the chickenpox?
Stacy Wiegman, PharmDStacy Wiegman, PharmD
If your child has chicken pox, you should keep him out of school until he is no longer contagious. C...
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What is chickenpox (varicella)?
Chickenpox (varicella) is a highly contagious viral infection that is transmitted by airborne dr...
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How is chickenpox related to shingles?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
Chickenpox and shingles share the same cause - the varicella-zoster virus. This virus may stay in yo...
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When should I call my child’s doctor about chickenpox?
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Call your child’s doctor if your child: • Is lethargic (does not smile or show interest in playing ...
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