What is metronomic chemotherapy?

Metronomic chemotherapy is an innovative chemotherapy treatment delivery method in which a single chemotherapy dose is delivered in smaller amounts over a period of a few days.

Metronomic chemotherapy is a treatment option for patients whose prostate cancer has spread to the bone or elsewhere in the body. In some cases, metronomic chemotherapy may be used for localized prostate cancer, to sensitize the cancer cells to radiation therapy.

Unlike conventional chemotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy may help you to better tolerate and continue chemotherapy treatment by minimizing the impact of a single, large dose on the body. And, since you receive smaller amounts each time, this method may also help to reduce side effects, such as nausea and low blood counts.

Because the chemotherapy drugs circulate in the bloodstream for several days, metronomic dosing may also prolong exposure of prostate cancer cells to the anti-cancer drugs.

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