Can I safely get pregnant if I have had four caesarean deliveries?

Safety, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. However, statistics from First World countries will confirm that childbearing, for the general public, with delivery in a certified hospital is one of the safest medical events there is. On the other hand, some people, by the nature of their medical/surgical health histories, move out of that zone of safety and into a riskier zone. Sadly, by contemplating a fifth pregnancy with a scarred uterus, there is no doubt you have made that move.

For your baby, your next pregnancy poses risk of prematurity with all its attendant major and minor complications. Prematurity is a risk factor for your baby for all the reasons it would be a risk factor for any woman, but additionally, there is no knowing when the number of Cesarean deliveries you have had will expose you and your baby to premature bleeding and premature delivery. You will place yourself at risk because surgery becomes more difficult as the number of Cesarean deliveries increase and the likelihood of a bleeding problem in pregnancy from a placental issue has already crossed 50%.

So, the short answer is: No, pregnancy is not safe. Additionally, not all people who are at risk actually have the risky complications. If you do decide to go forward with another pregnancy, make sure your doctor is comfortable with difficult surgery.

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