Cervical Cancer

What are complications of cervical cancer?

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  • Some types of cervical cancer do not respond well to treatment.

    The cancer may come back (recur) after treatment.

    Women who have treatment to save the uterus have a high risk of the cancer coming back (recurrence).

    Surgery and radiation can cause problems with sexual, bowel, and bladder function.

    Metastasis of cervical cancer to other organs can cause health problems and even death.

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    • Cervical cancer can lead to complications that could be emotionally upsetting. Because some levels of cervical cancer will need to be treated with a hysterectomy, some women may find that they no longer have the option of having children. There are some surgeries or procedures that can allow for some of the uterus to be saved, but miscarriage or early birth could happen more often with pregnancy after the surgery. Radiation after surgery could harm the ovaries, so eggs could be harvested for future pregnancies. Damage to the ovaries or complete removal will start menopause, no matter how old a woman is.

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