How does cerebral palsy affect the body?

Cerebral palsy affects the body by causing difficulty in muscle control and movement. In some cases these difficulties can lead to other problems. Sometimes, the stiffness of muscles is so severe that limbs are contorted. Difficulty eating caused by cerebral palsy can result in malnutrition.

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Cerebral Palsy

Exposure to certain infections during pregnancy, fetal stroke, or other rare conditions cause 2 to 4 babies out of 1000 to be born with cerebral palsy (CP). Occasionally a stroke, severe infection or severe jaundice shortly after ...

birth may also cause the syndrome. People with cerebral palsy have very poor coordination, muscle spasms, drooling, problems speaking and swallowing. There is no cure, but various therapies can help. Although people with CP may have other conditions, including mental retardation, most people with CP are not mentally retarded. Treatment may include muscle relaxants, surgery, and physical therapy.

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