What happens after a cataract surgery?

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Itching and mild discomfort are normal after a cataract surgery. Some fluid discharge is also common. Your eye may be sensitive to light and touch. If you have discomfort, your doctor can suggest treatment. After one or two days, moderate discomfort should disappear.

For a few days after surgery, your doctor may ask you to use eyedrops to help healing and decrease the risk of infection. Ask your doctor about how to use your eyedrops, how often to use them, and what effects they can have. You will need to wear an eye shield or eyeglasses to help protect your eye. Avoid rubbing or pressing on your eye.

When you are home, try not to bend from the waist to pick up objects on the floor. Do not lift any heavy objects. You can walk, climb stairs and do light household chores.

In most cases, healing will be complete within eight weeks. Your doctor will schedule exams to check on your progress.

This answer is based is based on source information from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

After a cataract surgery, people should avoid performing activities that would increase the intraocular pressure. These activities include lifting heavy loads, chronic vigorous coughing and straining. Similarly, trauma and exposure to toxic fumes or activities that increase the risk of eye injury should specifically be avoided.  Most people have significant improvement in vision after surgery, but complications can occur. Postoperatively, regular follow-up visits are necessary to monitor visual rehabilitation, as well as to detect and address any immediate and late complications arising from the surgery.

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