How long will it take me to recover after cataract surgery?
After cataract surgery, you can expect some mild discomfort and itching for a couple of days. Your vision will be blurry at first, then will begin to clear up over the next few days. Complete healing often occurs within a couple of months, at which time most people seek a prescription for eyeglasses, depending on their new visual acuity.

Cataract surgery is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure. In most cases, only local anesthesia is necessary, and patients can go home the same day. In fact, the procedure itself only takes about 30 minutes. Doctors may restrict a patient from performing certain activities for a couple of days following surgery, such as bending or lifting. Eye drops may be given to prevent infection and protective eye gear may need to be worn. People usually notice an improvement in their vision within a few days and experience a complete recovery in about 8 weeks.

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