What should I teach an adult who is caring for my child with diabetes?

If your child will be going away without you, always make sure an adult is around who knows how to help with daily management of diabetes (blood glucose [BG] checks, insulin shots, etc.), as well as when high or low BG levels occur. Spend some time with the adult helping them to understand your child's unique signs of a high or low BG. Then demonstrate how to:
  • check BGs.
  • count carbs or stick with the food plan.
  • measure and give insulin.
  • treat highs and lows.
  • respond to an emergency - especially when it requires glucagon
Help the adult caring for your child to know what your child can eat and how that relates to his diabetes care. If possible, create a menu with your child and the adult in charge so that you all can agree on meals, snacks and insulin doses ahead of time.

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