What are the benefits of cardio training?

Cardiovascular training can have a wide variety of benefits depending on the program you are on. The most common is weight loss because of the amount of calories you can burn during the activity as well as how it can increase your metabolism to aid in caloric expenditure after the workout. Many have seen the benefits of increased endurance or stamina. Proper cardiovascular training can increase your anaerobic threshold, which allows you to train longer and harder without fatiguing as quickly.  This will help if you compete in any sport as well as helping you become more productive in your daily activities. Other benefits include helping to reduce health risks, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Also very important is how it can help reduce stress and build strength. Cardiovascular training at the right intensity is a very good way to release the stress of your day while helping you handle stress better through the day. As for strengthening, you are using a wide variety of muscle groups when running or cycling, so this additional overload of the muscles will help in strengthening the body overall.

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