Will certain cardio exercises make my butt bigger?

Let's first understand the question:  we want to see the relation between cardio exercises and a bigger butt, right?  First, what really falls under the category of "cardio exercises"?  Cardio relates to your heart.  So, when we discuss "cardio exercises" we are making referrence to any exercise that gets the heart pumping.  Quite often we assume that cardio is running, swimming, aerobics classes, biking, etc. However cardio can also include vigorous strength training routines.  Circuit training is a great example. It's a fast-paced strength routine in which you move from one exercise to the next quickly, thus keeping your heart rate up.

Now, if the goal is to decrease the amount of fat stored in our body and in turn, the butt, we need to remember a couple key facts: Calories in and calories out.  The simple equation states that if one wants to lose size, they need to burn more calories than they consume (called a calorie deficit).  We can achieve that by decreasing our calorie intake or increasing our calorie burnn (I recommend both for the best results). A great way to increase the burn is by using variety in your routine.  As your body adjusts to a routine, less calories will be burned as a result.  So, be sure to switch things up - at least every couple of weeks.

Now, if the idea is to increase size - same equation, backwards.  Consume more calories than you are burning.  However, you will still need to keep up a workout routine or consuming those extra calories will only be stored as fat. That does not mean you can eat all the potato chips you want.  Everything in proportion: 45-65% of your calories need to come from carbohydrates, 20-35% of your calories from fat, and 10-25% of your calories from protein.  

Some great exercises:
Single leg squats 
Step ups

Remember to focus on those muscle in your butt while doing these exercises.  Keep a tight core and tighten the butt muscles.  This will help you get optimal results and keeping the tight core will help prevent injury. 
The possibility exists that performing any type of cardio exercise will result in increased size and fat storage in the lower extremities, including the butt. Two of the primary factors that will influence the impact of your cardio exercise on the size of your legs and butt are the intensity at which you perform the exercise and caloric intake. As with any form of physical activity, the more you do it, the more your body adapts or gets used to it.  When your body adapts to the activities you perform, it actually burns less calories than when you started incorporating the activity. Therefore, if you fail to change your routine or the intensities at which you exercise, and you are not monitoring your calorie intake, you could end up eating too many calories when compared to the amount that you are burning through activity. This leads to potential weight gain or the prevention of weight loss in certain areas. The bottom-line is that to prevent fat storage from occurring and to promote weight loss requires a combination of progressive resistance training; cardiorespiratory exercise that is performed at low, moderate, and high intensities; and a nutrition plan that contains the right foods in the proper amounts consistent with the goals you want to achieve.

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