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What should I do if I get a headache while taking isosorbide dinitrate?

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    One of the most common side effects of isosorbide dinitrate is headaches. Do not stop taking this drug if a headache occurs; a headache is a sign that isosorbide dinitrate is working. Headaches usually develop after first taking isosorbide dinitrate and subside after a couple of weeks. You may treat a mild headache with acetaminophen or aspirin. Talk to your doctor if these headaches are severe or persist after an extended period of time.

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    Isosorbide dinitrate dilates blood vessels and is used to treat heart disease. It also dilates the blood vessels inside the headache which can cause a headache. This usually happens when a patient first starts using isosorbide and goes away with time. Isosorbide is an important medication so it should not be stopped without discussion with your physician.
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