How can I manage my pain after thoracic surgery?

Your doctor will prescribe a variety of medications to treat your pain after thoracic surgery.

Dr. Francis X. Downey, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

After thoracic surgery, take pain medication as needed. Take it with food (such as crackers or toast), not on an empty stomach.

It is not uncommon for the pain to radiate to the front of the chest or stomach. It can be sharp, electric, or burning in nature. This happens as the nerves start to heal; it generally improves over several weeks. If your pain persists, we can refer you to pain managementask your doctor for further treatment.

If you are running out of pain pills and need more, call your doctor before you run out. Some medications require written prescriptions, which will need to be picked up at your doctor's office before they can be filled.

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