How do I detox from sugar?

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    If you are trying to quit your sugar habit, it's important to take your time. Going cold turkey works for some people, but not most. Instead of quitting your sugar habit altogether, take your time weaning yourself off of the sweet stuff. This is more likely to help you lose your taste for sugar and reduce your cravings. Start out by cutting your sugar in-take in half. Instead of two handfuls of M&Ms, have one. Instead of adding two teaspoons of sugar to your coffee, add one. Do this for a week, then reduce it by half again for another week. Your goal should be to either switch to natural sweeteners or skip the sweetness completely.
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    Sugar addiction is serious, but the habit can be broken.

    In this video, Dr. Oz and nutritionist Melina Jampolis discuss a sugar detox plan.
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