What is an implanted port for cancer treatment?

An implanted port is small device that is inserted through the chest into a large blood vessel near the heart. The port and catheter are entirely under the skin. After the original incision has healed, there should be only a small bump present. By inserting a special needle through the skin into the port, IV fluids can be given or blood samples can be withdrawn.

An implanted port for cancer treatment is a small medical device that is placed beneath the skin on the chest and connects to the bloodstream. People might get a port to make blood tests and injections easier. The port provides access directly into the bloodstream. Using the port, the doctors and nurses can draw blood and give medicines easily.

An implanted port for cancer treatment is a small device placed under the patient's skin and connected to one of the large veins in the chest. It is placed for easy intravenous (IV) access for IV fluids, chemotherapy or any other medications. It can also be used for drawing blood, both reducing the amount of needle sticks you receive and allowing several drugs to be given simultaneously. There are several different kinds of ports; use depends on the length and type of treatment you require.

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