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How should I care for my Trifusion catheter for cancer treatment?

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  • Your Trifusion catheter (a long-term catheter used for drawing blood and giving intravenous fluids) will require you to follow some simple home care guidelines. Here is a summary of those guidelines:
    1. Change the dressing and caps as indicated in the booklet and/or by your doctor.
    2. Flush each lumen (tube) three times per week with 5 cc of 10 U/mL heparin, provided in individual prefilled syringes.
    3. Check for infection -- look at the site where the catheter goes into the skin for redness, swelling, drainage, warmth, or tenderness. Call your doctor for any changes or a temperature of more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
    4. Other tips:
    • Make sure to clean the cap before putting a needle into it.
    • Make sure the catheter is flushed after each use and as instructed by your nurse.
    • Make sure the intravenous (IV) cap is changed at least once a week and whenever it leaks.
    • Make sure the dressing remains secure all the way around the edges.
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