How does TrueBeam treat cancer?

Dr. Nina F. Johnson, MD
Radiation Oncologist

In designing a cancer treatment plan using TrueBeam, medical professionals use 3D imaging to analyze and form a plan of action for the tumor. Every tumor is different, and this visualization determines the size, shape and location of the tumor, along with the necessary doses and angles for treating it. Before the person even begins actual treatment, TrueBeam technology is perfecting the process. When it's time for the person to undergo treatment, TrueBeam continuously rotates around the person lying on the table, delivering treatment to the target with submillimeter accuracy.

The continuous movement is a major upgrade over previous step-and-shoot models since doses are delivered at a much quicker rate. Treatments once completed in 30 to 60 minutes are now completed in just two to five minutes. A shorter treatment time minimizes a person’s discomfort and movement, and improves accuracy.

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