What do cancer survival rates mean?

Knowing about survival rates can give you a general idea about how long other survivors with your type of cancer have lived. Yet, your experience may be very different. Survival rates are only estimates. Many survivors prove them wrong.

Survival estimates are based on the experiences of survivors in studies done during and after treatment. There is no way of knowing how estimates will apply to your situation. Your treatment may be very different from the method used many years ago in a study. Medications may have changed. There may be new ways of doing radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The life expectancy for a specific type of cancer is often reported as a five-year survival rate. This does not mean that survivors do not live more than five years. Some studies only follow up with survivors for that long. In addition, the concern about cancer recurring generally lessens after five years.

Survival rates are usually stated as a percentage. A doctor might say, "People with this type of cancer generally have a 60%  five-year survival rate." This means that 60 out of 100 people who were treated for this type of cancer during the research studies were still living after five years. Cancer survivors often live much longer than these estimates. Every cancer survivor is different. Most importantly, you are not a statistic!

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