How can I find a therapist who deals with cancer survivors?

CancerCare provides high quality counseling and education in person at their NY offices, on the Web and on the phone at no charge. Their mission is to focus on cancer-related issues. Find out more information at or by telephone, at 1-800-813-HOPE.

The American Psychosocial Oncology Society helps find therapists in a variety of disciplines in your area. Check out their website:

To find a therapist who treats cancer survivors, start with the center where you received treatment for your cancer. To learn other ways to find therapists who specialize in treating cancer patients, watch this video featuring palliative medicine specialist Dr. Stewart Fleishman.

For help dealing with sadness or depression after cancer, ask for a referral to a licensed counselor or therapist. Ask your doctor or nurse for a referral to a therapist who works with other cancer survivors. Most cancer centers employ oncology social workers who are specially trained to work with cancer survivors and their families. Even if you are not a patient at a cancer center, the oncology social worker may meet with you or refer you to someone else in the community.
Interview the therapist to find out if he or she is the right professional for you. Speak honestly with the therapist and let him or her know your reasons for wanting to work with a therapist.

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