How can I use the Internet to find support from other cancer survivors?

The Internet can be a useful tool for meeting other cancer survivors and finding support. Many websites are dedicated to bringing survivors of different types of cancers and backgrounds together. Some are for people with a particular kind of cancer. Others are generally for survivors of all types of cancer. If you do not feel comfortable talking in a group or are not able to leave your home, the Internet can be a good place to help you meet other survivors. 
Some advantages to using the Internet to meet other survivors include:
  • There is no need to identify yourself.
  • It may be easier to express worries and concerns.
  • There is not the pressure that comes with talking in a group.
  • You can meet survivors from all over the world.
While the Internet can be a great way to meet survivors, use caution when meeting others online and providing information. Do not give out personal information through any website unless you know for certain how they will use that information and why they need it. It might generally be a good idea to start with groups offered through nonprofit cancer organizations. An online chat room may occasionally include someone who is negative and who only talks about the bad things they are experiencing. If this is hard for you, you may want to find another chat room or take a break until that individual has left the website.

Discuss any advice that you get from a resource or another survivor with your healthcare team.

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