How many calories can I burn playing summer sports?

Sari Greaves
Nutrition & Dietetics
Check out these summer sports and fun activities and the calories they burn per hour (based on a 130-pound woman):
  • Frisbee, 177 Calories Per Hour
  • Surfing, 177 Calories Per Hour
  • Softball, 295 Calories Per Hour
  • Kayaking, 295 Calories Per Hour
  • Hiking, 355 Calories Per Hour
  • Water skiing, 355 Calories Per Hour
  • Ocean swimming, 355 Calories Per Hour
  • Scuba diving, 414 Calories Per Hour
  • Flag football, 472 Calories Per Hour
  • Beach volleyball, 473 Calories Per Hour
  • Rock climbing (ascending), 650 Calories Per Hour
  • Rollerblading, 739 Calories Per Hour

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