What is the hope for a veteran suffering a burn injury today?

Even though explosions and blasts during combat continue to result in serious burns, there is a dearth of current research on the topic of living with a burn injury from the battlefield. We do know that the mortality rate for soldiers with severe burns was much greater in previous wars. But with today’s knowledge about burn treatment in acute care, more military personnel are living productive lives after suffering severe burns. These individuals will now be the investigated populations as researchers study burn outcomes from war over their lifetime.

The odds of surviving severe burn injuries today are greatly improved because of the acute care given to burn victims immediately after explosion, blast or injury. The wounded are evacuated immediately and first aid is started. They are resuscitated and given topical antibiotics on the burn sites, as well as artificial skin grafts to prevent bacteria from entering the body. In addition, surgeons remove burned tissue quickly and start skin grafts sooner than they did in years past. 

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