How can I help my bulimic teen?

Ellen Rome, MD
Bulimia, or bingeing and purging food, is an all too common teen condition. In this video, Dr. Rome steers parents toward helpful resources for helping their teen with bulimia.

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What You Need to Know About Bulimia
What You Need to Know About Bulimia
The signs of bulimia may not be as clear as you think. Unlike anorexia, people who have bulimia generally eat enough, or more than enough. However, af...
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How do people with bulimia nervosa behave with food?
Dr. Michael Roizen, MDDr. Michael Roizen, MD
People with bulimia nervosa (BN) have episodes of eating much more than the average person would eat...
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How will bulimia affect my child during pregnancy?
Riverside Health SystemRiverside Health System
If a woman with active bulimia gets pregnant, these problems may result:MiscarriageHigh blood pressu...
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How Can I Help My Bulimic Teen?
How Can I Help My Bulimic Teen?

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