How can I perform the Spiritual Breath Exercise?

Master Stephen Co
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To perform the Spiritual Breath Exercise:

Starting position: Same as the Grand Rejuvenation Breath Exercise in the book Your Hands Can Heal You, except that your feet are shoulder- width apart.


Exercise: Exhale through the mouth. Inhale fully, then sniff and lock in the breath. Tense the body, and squeeze the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. While holding your breath and keeping your muscles tense, bend or lean straight over to the right as far as you comfortably can, until your left heel lifts off the ground. Then reverse the movement and bend or lean straight over to the left, until your right heel lifts off the ground. Perform this movement for a total of three times in each direction. Then return to your starting position by bringing your hands down to your sides. Exhale, then release your bodily tension. Perform one cycle of pranic breathing and then relax and be aware of your body for a few moments. After you complete the exercises, simply walk around and stretch a bit and resume your daily activities.

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