How do I even out my breath on both sides?

One arm swimming is a very challenging, yet very important drill to help athletes feel comfortable breathing on both sides in a freestyle stroke. To perform the drill, have the swimmer hold their right arm at their side. Using only their left arm have them swim freestyle. At first this is a very difficult, but in time an athlete will feel more comfortable swimming with one arm. Have the athlete swim with only their left arm for 25 meters and then have them return with their right arm for 25 meters. Two to four sets of 50 meters, alternating one arm swimming, is sufficient to teach proper body position and comfort breathing on both sides during the freestyle stroke. It is not uncommon for athletes to prefer one side to the other, however a strong and fast swimmer works on their weakness so that it can become their strength. Use one arm swimming to improve the weak link, and increase swim speed and efficiency.

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