How do I use a nipple shield?

To use a nipple shield, follow these steps:
  • Moisten the rim of the nipple shield with a few drops of water or milk. This helps the shield stay put on your breast.
  • Turn the nipple shield almost all the way inside out, so that the rim of the shield looks like the brim of a hat.
  • Center the tip of the shield over your nipple, then slowly roll the edges down over the areola.
  • When your baby’s mouth is wide open, pull his bottom into your side and bring him toward your breast with his upper lip aiming for the nipple and his bottom lip aimed as far away from the base of the nipple as possible. (Your nipple should be pointing toward the roof of his mouth as you bring him to your breast.)
  • If your baby won’t take or keep the shield in his mouth, pump for several minutes first, then rub some of your milk on the outside of the shield.

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