How effective is breast reconstruction surgery?

Homayoun Sasson, MD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
The effectiveness of breast reconstruction surgery is multifold, not only in restoring normalcy and symmetry of the cancer surgery defect, but also as importantly, in reassuring a sense of self confidence and physical and emotional being of the woman. With the advances of surgical techniques as well as development of safer and more natural appearing and feeling synthetic breast implants, the final result of the reconstructive surgery of the missing breast, as a result of mastectomy, are often strikingly non-distinguishable from the shape and feel and texture of the natural breast. Patients are often able to resume their normal physical activities within a few weeks after surgery and wear the type of clothes they wore before such otherwise severely disfiguring surgeries.
Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery is very effective in creating symmetry after a mastectomy. Patients that undergo a mastectomy for breast cancer can have either immediate or delayed reconstruction with tissue expander/permanent implants or autologous tissue transfer. The major goals are to create symmetry and reconstruct the nipple-areolar complex when necessary. After the general surgeon performs the breast removal, the plastic surgeon will reconstruct the breast. Depending on peri-operative radiation therapy or chemotherapy, the reconstruction may be delayed for safety and blood supply purposes. 

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