How can I do self massage for right breast lymphedma?

1. Clear nodes at neck

This can be done most effectively one side at a time, using the palm of your hand and gently stroking. This can also be done using both hands simultaneously in a “choke” type hold.

Place opposite hand to opposite side of neck with fingers, palm-side along neck, just below ear. Gently stretch the skin in a downward stroking motion (toward heart). Repeat 10 times.

2. Clear the stomach/abdomen

Abdominal clearing includes deep breathing to reach the deep nodes. Hand is placed on top of the other hand, between breast bone and navel.

Take a deep breath in. While moving hand in a circular motion, exhale quickly, pressing deeper with each circle. Stop applying pressure immediately after all air is exhaled. Repeat 3 times.

3. Clearing along the right trunk

Divide the right trunk into sections that are as wide as your hand. Clear toward the inguinal/groin.

Place hand at inguinal/groin. Gently stretch the skin downward in a stroking motion. Repeat 5 to 10 times in each section, moving upward toward the armpit.

4. Clear right armpit/axillary region

Hand is placed along side of trunk, just below armpit, with fingers pointing toward back.

Gently stretch skin in upward stroking motion toward middle of armpit. Repeat 10 times. Caution: Never move fingers up into armpit and then down into arm in scooping fashion. This would cause fluid to move into arm.

5. Clear across chest

Divide chest into three sections – 1. Left unaffected 2. Middle 3. Right affected
Start at left unaffected side.

Gently massage each area in a stroking motion 5 to 10 times, always with stroking motion toward the left unaffected side.

6. Clear the right breast

Divide breast into two halves – upper (A) and lower (B).

A. Upper breast. Massage upper half of breast toward the left armpit. Use a gentle stroking motion 5 to 10 times, always moving fluid toward left unaffected armpit.

B. Lower breast. Massage lower half of breast toward the left armpit. Use a gentle stroking motion 5 to 10 times, always moving fluid toward left unaffected armpit.

7. Re-clear armpit region.

Repeat 10 times. See instructions for #4 above.

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