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Could a lump in my preteen's breast be breast cancer?

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    Parents of preteens (children nine to thirteen years old) frequently discover a peanut- or grape-sized lump under one of their children’s nipples. It happens most often in girls, but boys experience it too. It feels tender to the child, maybe even painful. Naturally, a worried mom—especially one who’s been drilled to do breast self-exams—freaks out and phones her pediatrician. Is it a tumor?! Is it breast cancer?! No. It’s likely a breast bud and a natural occurrence in puberty. However, if the lump is extremely painful, growing rapidly, red, secreting a discharge, or accompanied by a fever—or if you’re just really freaked out—then you should consult your child’s doctor.

    From The Smart Parent's Guide: Getting Your Kids Through Checkups, Illnesses, and Accidents by Jennifer Trachtenberg.

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