What is the relationship between high IQ and vegetarianism?

Evidence shows that children with higher IQs are more likely to become vegetarians by age 42. This has been supported in the UK; however, the data in the United States does not support this assertion.

Eating certain foods may help boost brainpower, but what about the obverse: Are geniuses predisposed to eat certain foods? Quite possibly, according to one British study that found children with higher IQs were more likely to grow up to be vegetarians. Researchers tested 8,000 10-year-olds for mental ability back in 1970 and then followed up with the subjects 20 years later to ask about their diet. It turned out that the adults who had become vegetarians were more intelligent as kids—about 6 percent smarter, at least as measured by IQ points. The study authors speculate that smarter folks are more likely to think through the consequences of what they eat—both in terms of health and ideology.

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