How does the Mi-Eye device work?

With the Mi-Eye device, a data cable attaches a portable liquid crystal display (LCD) tablet to a disposable, single-use needle. The needle connects to a 2.1-millimeter arthroscope with an integrated camera and light source. The camera allows doctors to see the intra-articular joint space on the LCD screen and capture still images.

Mi-Eye is performed in the doctor’s office. The injured area is numbed with a local anesthetic. The needle is inserted and the doctor evaluates the condition of the injured area. The test takes about 10 minutes. After the needle is withdrawn, a bandage is put on the injection site. No recovery is needed from the diagnostic test.

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The Mi-Eye device lets doctors look directly into a joint with a camera and a light that are attached to a needle. This gives a more accurate view of what problem might be affecting the joint than performing an imaging test such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and it is much less expensive. This procedure can also be performed easily and quickly right in the doctor's office during an appointment. 

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