Two Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

Two Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Feet
In Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Dr. Seuss writes, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” For folks who live to be 80 that can add up to 110,000 miles in a lifetime.
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That’s a lot of wear on your toes, arches, 26 bones and more than 33 joints that make up each foot and ankle. So show your feet a little TLC. Taking care of you hard-working walkers can help you: grow younger, feel more energetic, reduce stress and ease aches. So here are some simple ways to pamper those puppies.
  1. Check your feet. (Daily if you have diabetes.) Blisters or sores? Don’t let them fester. Tingling or numbness? Could be from ill-fitting shoes or diabetic nerve damage. Aching feet also offer clues to your overall health. Sore joints may indicate arthritis. Puffy ankles or swollen feet may signal high blood pressure, heart or kidney problems or sitting too much! Mention persistent symptoms to your doc.
  2. Relax with a 10-minute soak in warm water with Epsom salts. This anti-inflammation remedy helps dry skin, sore muscles and even small wounds. After you’re done soaking smooth rough spots with a pumice stone and moisturizer. Make sure not to breathe in the pumiced stuff -- it can cause lung inflammation. Dry off and roll your arches over a wooden rolling pin. Feels good, doesn’t it?


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