What happens after muscle-sparing joint replacement surgery?

After muscle-sparing joint replacement surgery, including muscle-sparing total knee or the direct anterior total hip, people are able to ambulate with a walker the day of surgery as soon as their anesthetics wear off. Doctors typically do most of these surgeries under a spinal. As soon as people get strength in their legs, doctors want them up and walking. In the old days, people would lay in the hospital for a week or two, but that’s passe because nothing's good about laying around in a hospital bed. The more people can get up, get walking, the better they do.

People have physical therapy twice the first day after surgery, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Then, if they have met the criteria of walking 200 feet, getting to the bathroom and back safely without falling on their face, they can go home, even after one or two nights.

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