How can I strengthen my muscles after hip replacement surgery?

The best way to strengthen your muscles after hip replacement surgery is to walk. If you want to work on more strengthening activity, then walk more. In most cases, no special exercises are required for full recovery.

It is important to strengthen muscles after hip replacement surgery in order for the hip to feel somewhat back to normal. Patients can strengthen their muscles after hip replacement surgery by working with a physical therapist, walking and performing low-impact exercises.

After hip replacement surgery, you can strengthen your muscles by moving and walking around.

Brad Adkins
Administration Specialist

Your physical therapist will create an exercise plan to strengthen and retrain your muscles as you get used to using your new joint after hip-replacement therapy. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Stop exercising when you feel excessive pain.
  • Be careful to do each exercise just as you were taught. You are retraining your muscles—and the movements you learn now will affect how well the joint works once you are healed. By doing your exercises just as your therapist instructs, you are more likely to make a full recovery.
  • Keep your knee aligned with your hip when you are exercising or walking.

Walking is the best way to strengthen your muscles after hip replacement surgery. In fact, the more you walk, the better. Physical therapy can also be helpful, as you can learn exercises that will further strengthen your muscles.

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