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Do squats cause knee problems?

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    First, squats are not bad. You squat everyday. It is how you squat that makes a difference. In our experience, most people are told to avoid squats because the way they are squatting is causing them knee problems. Many clients are what I call knee squatters. Take a look at your knees as you squat. Can you see your toes? If the answer is no, then squatting may make your knees worse.

    Squatting should be done so that you can see your toes (hips should move back) and knees should stay in line with your toes (both pointed straight ahead). If you are not squatting this way, then chances are you are suffering from muscle imbalances.
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  • Squats are beneficial exercises as a total body exercise. For beginners the Ball Squat can help ensure you are using the appropriate form. If you ensure that your knees do not pass your toes while you perform this exercise then with practice, eventually you will be able to stop using the ball.

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