How can I get a body like a celebrity?

David Buer
This is a common question that I hear a lot. You can’t create a “celebrity body” outside the basic limits and truth of your genetics -- and without having a full-time personal chef, a trainer on retainer, and a private nutritionist on staff! But with a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence and consistency you can achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals that work for your body type.
You can get great results by combining a strength training program that’s geared towards realistic goals for your body, with a cardio program that focuses on interval training to maximize fat burning potential. Add in a balanced diet that is planned specifically to achieve your overall health goals and you’re set.
Ms. Ashley Koff, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
Whether it's landing the part in a hit movie or getting the body or body part everyone desires, I think it's important to acknowledge that while some people are just lucky (i.e. good genes) everyone has to work at it on some level. Do you ever see an amazing back? A great backside? Or the flat belly you've wanted forever? The owner of that piece de resistance has turned down birthday cake, nights out with buddies, passed on a second serving at some point because it's their job to look amazing and because they want to feel as good as they can when their "moment" hits. If you're coveting a body (or part) of a celebrity, are you prepared to really do what they do, on a daily basis? If you are, learn how to get your own body 'red carpet ready.'

Preparation takes dedication and support. When working with a celebrity, I address the need for preparation the same way I do talking to you. Making better quality choices and having them available especially when they are tired or stressed (known triggers for grabbing less good choices), and avoiding plans that are uber restrictive for longer than necessary time periods (yes, they have to dial it in for work commitments but no one does well being dialed in all the time). To that end, I started the Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) craft services makeover to change "crap services" (as it's affectionately called on the inside) to "quality fuel services". Why? Because we all know that when there's only junk around, we eat the junk. But for celebs, especially the big timers, they can always dictate what they need to have in terms of choices but if their hair stylist, makeup artist or a producer has candy or sugary drinks or pepperoni pizza -- it's hard for anyone to avoid temptation?! Create your own at home AKA craft services makeover and change your "crap kitchen" to a safe, but delicious zone.

Finally, work it from the inside out. The celebs I work with have sought me out because they know I start with their core… by addressing their core nutrition needs and making sure their digestive system functions at its best. Why? That flat and/or ripped belly, that cellulite free tush, that amazing skin -- none of it happens when we have a digestive system working subpar. Some secret tips? Probiotics, coconut water, organic foods vs. chemical creations, nutrient balanced eating occasions can help you reach your goals.
If you’re trying to achieve having a body like a certain celebrity, do a little research first. Find out who their personal trainer is, and do a search for any workouts or articles they may have written. Also, try to search for and see if your selected celeb follows any type of special diet. Chances are high that this diet will not necessarily work for you – however, it’s good information to know. A sound diet and proper exercise will help you achieve your goal.

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