Blood Clot (Thrombus)

What does it mean if my PT/INR test result is too high?

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    If your PT/INR test result is too high, it means that your blood is clotting too slowly, and you are at risk of bleeding. Your dose of warfarin is too high. On the other hand, if your PT/INR test result is too low, your dose of warfarin may not be enough to protect your blood from clotting. In that case, your warfarin dose would be increased. Your doctor will increase or decrease the dose according to your PT/INR test result.

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    What Does It Mean If My PT/INR Test Result Is Too High?
    A PT/INR test is used to evaluate medication that thins out the blood, says Brandt Jones, DO, from Medical Center of Trinity. Watch this video to find out what that means in terms of your heart and vascular health.
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