How long can cord blood be stored?
Current research has shown that cord blood can be stored indefinitely if stored cryogenically and under the proper conditions. Cord blood cells have previously been shown to remain viable after more than 20 years of storage.
Frederick Friedman, MD
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
No one knows the answer yet, although at present and under proper conditions, it seems it may be forever. Since 1992, the collection and storage of cord blood for later use has increased in popularity. In many areas, there are private and public storage options available. Most of the data has shown that the cord blood stem cells that were first collected in 1992 are about as active as the cells when first collected. Since we don't have data beyond that, we can only say that they last at least about 20 years. With each passing year, unless the studies demonstrate otherwise, that length of time will increase.

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