How do medications treat bloating?

The main treatment option for bloating is to avoid foods that are hard to digest. However, sometimes bloating can be caused by constipation, and in those cases you can take laxatives to treat your underlying condition. Other medications, such as simethicone, Lactaid, or Beano, may be able to help dissolve the gas that causes bloating.

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What kind of doctor should I see for my bloating?
Patsy CatsosPatsy Catsos
Ask your doctor for a referral to a registered dietitian, or contact one on your own. Dietitians are...
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What causes stomach bloating?
Robynne K. Chutkan, MDRobynne K. Chutkan, MD
There are many factors that can cause bloating including foods/drinks, hormonal fluctuations, thyroi...
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4 Surprising Causes of Belly Bloating
4 Surprising Causes of Belly Bloating4 Surprising Causes of Belly Bloating4 Surprising Causes of Belly Bloating4 Surprising Causes of Belly Bloating
Learn how to ease bloating and flatten your belly.
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Can Bloating Be Prevented?
Can Bloating Be Prevented?

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