What are the early warning signs of a bipolar disorder relapse?

Early warning signs of a bipolar disorder relapse include:
  • Not wanting to take medications or cooperate with your health care provider (missing appointments, etc.)
  • Starting to hear or see things that others do not
  • Abandoning usual routines such as going to school or taking part in family activities
  • Big changes in sleep patterns or appetite, not caring about appearance and difficulties with your physical coordination or short-term memory
  • Having troubling mood swings, feeling out of control or being very agitated, having thoughts of suicide or violence
  • Doing outrageous things that make others think you are out of touch with reality
  • Finding yourself unable to let go of an idea, thought, or phrase
  • Having trouble thinking or speaking clearly or making yourself understood
  • Feeling flat or not being able to enjoy things that usually give pleasure
  • Being unable to make even routine decisions
It would be nice if bipolar symptoms always emerged with uniformity and consistency. But it isn't that easy. The signs of relapse can be unique to each individual. One person's initial relapse symptoms may be quite different from another's. Therefore, to address this question more generally, we could say that for someone with bipolar disorder early signs of relapse could entail any noticeable shift in mood, thought process, energy and/or sleep pattern particularly when the mood shift does not appear to be appropriately reflective of external influences.

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